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Great tips to gain bigger biceps


Twist for Biceps Gains

Most guys hit their biceps training straight on – cranking out the reps in a straight forward manner. What may surprise many is the ability of the biceps to get stimulation from a twisting motion. You see the action of the biceps is not only to raise the hand but also to twist it.

Surprising Twist

Arnold discovered this capability of the biceps and added twisting motions to his routine. This primarily came from alternating dumbbell curls, where the handle of the dumbbell was twisted and rotated inward as the weight was lifted.

Once, in an arm session workout with Sergio Olivia, Arnold wrapped up the biceps routine by spending a few sets on these twisting curls (called supination curls). Sergio was amazed as Arnold’s biceps peak popped out even higher.

Great tips to gain bigger biceps

You can take advantage of the twisting supination curl as well. Perform them at the end of your routine and create a super pump you may not have experienced before as the biceps other capability, the ability to twist and rotate the wrist, comes to life on each rep.

Consider adding a few sets of supination curls to your arm training the next time you work the biceps and watch as this amazing new style boosts your biceps gains.

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