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The importance of meat in diet


Meat is the term that defines produts food and meat obtained from this muscle of animals representing portions of the connective tissue ( skin ) and adipose tissue ( fat ) . Due to the rich quality nutrients with minerals , vitamins and esential proteins are important elements in muscle building. To an optimal digestion and smooth absorption, the meat will be consumed with a variety plant foods . This will give the body all the nutrients needed .

Meat can be 3 types: red meat, white meat and dark meat .


Red meat is meat from animals : beef, pork , lamb . The meat have huge amount of protein, minerals(such as iron , potassium selenium and zinc), and many vitamins. Beef is the most nutritious meat with a small amount of saturated fat and cholesterol , followed by pork fat that is with a higher content of cholesterol and fat is the last and the lamb .

Because the high level cholesterol , red meat can lead to certain diseases such as , hardening of the arteries , heart disease and is therefore not recommended an excessive consumption . For people with a low activity recommended consumption of 90 grams per day of red meat , and for people with increased activity ( bodybuilding ) , 150-180 grams per day.


White meat is derived from animals such as fish, chicken , turkey and is much poorer in lipids (fats ) than red meat . Is rich in quality protein , vitamins (especially vitamin B12) and minerals (iron , zinc , magnesium) . The fish healthy is due to high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (fatty good for blood vessels) and Omega 3 and Omega 6 acids that help lower cholesterol . Unlike the red meat is low in iron content , but is much healthier because it contains less fat , is especially recommended for people suffering from conditions such as diabetes, dyslipidemia , obesity . It is recommended that consumption of 150-200 grams per day for persons with a low physical activity , and 300-400 grams per day for people with increased activity ( bodybuilding ) .


Dark meat is meat from hunting ( deer and wild boar ) . Is rich in protein and vitamins, with a small amount of fat around 4-6% of body weight . Venison tastes very good and is an important source of vitamins and minerals and wild boar meat has a much lower fat content than domestic pork . The disadvantage of this meat is that have high risk of contamination with parasites ( Trichinella spiralis ) . Dark meat consumption is recommended for the low activity to 150 g per day and for higher activity you can consume between 200-300 g per day.


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