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Egg effects on body


Eggs are a rich source of protein, vitamins , minerals and healthy fats . Existing amount of vitamins in eggs vary greatly depending on the species , breed , season and care. This nutritional factors ( vitamins B complex , lecithin and protein quality ) have an important role in higher nervous activity , providing toning properties nervous system.

Mixture of egg white protein and egg yolk is the most balanced amino acid content for the body's needs . Carbohydrates are present only in fibers and mineral elements are concentrated in the yolk . In 100g of egg found in average phosphorus 200mg , 140mg potassium, 130mg sodium , 60mg calcium , 2.8 mg iron, 12 mg magnesium, chloride 160mg , 60mg and small amounts of sulfur , iodine , copper , manganese and zinc.

The egg is formed by fibers , which represents about 55-65 % of the total weight , 32-33 % and 12-13 % yolk shell . The edible part ( whites and yolks ) contains about 13 % protein , 11% fat , vitamins and minerals with a total caloric value of 80 kcal .

Egg Nutrients

whites contain about 88 % water, 11% protein and a small amount of B vitamins

Nutrients existing in the yolk is about 17 % protein , 33 % fat ( rich in lecithin , cholesterol , fatty acids indispensable ), vitamins (vitamins A, B , D , E, carotene , choline ) and minerals ( phosphorus , potassium , sodium, calcium , iron, magnesium , chlorine ) .

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For a quicker assimilation of nutrients recommended eating soft boiled egg because you can digest much faster than egg yolk hardened. Digestion entirely for soft boiled egg is 1-2 hours , while hard-boiled egg or omelet digest after 3:00 .

Attention! Not recommended eating raw egg because it has a much slower uptake but also the risk of infection with Salmonella bacteria , which can lead to illness and even death in people with weak immune systems . Eggs with Salmonella infection occurs only in one of 7,000 fresh eggs and can only be removed by proper preparation of eggs .

Despite numerous qualities eggs at high risk for health because the yolk contains a large amount of cholesterol (about 270 mg in a medium sized egg ) . It is therefore recommended maximum consumption yolk daily. Egg whites contain a very small amount of cholesterol and does not pose a health risk.


Degree of freshness depends on how the eggs are stored . Eggs may be stored by refrigeration at temperatures between 1 and 5 degrees up to 3 weeks . In case of inadequate preservation , after a period of 1 week, they may lose the property . Trying to get perfectly cooked eggs every time is difficult especially when your training, so you could try an egg cooker like the cuisinart egg central cooker capable of cooking 4 eggs in one go.