Arginine supplement benefits

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Arginine supplement benefits


Arginine is a nonessential amino acid with multiple roles, including normal growth and development of the body. Can be considered an essential amino acid only in certain stages of life ie childhood , puberty because it stimulates growth hormone (GH ) , required proper body growth and development .

Arginine helps body to recovery after exercise , due to the positive effect on the immune system , stimulate pancreatic insulin levels and growth hormone (GH ) have positive effects on muscle growth . Because these hormones stimulate protein synthesis is increased by the transport of large quantities of amino acids into the muscle cell resulting in increased muscle masi . Also , arginine is used by the body to produce creatine protein synthesis necessary , helping to improve physical performance .

The body converts arginine to nitric oxide , a potent vasodilator agent that helps better pumping and vascularization during both training and throughout the day . It helps relax blood vessels and stimulate circulation by increasing blood flow throughout the body . Therefore arginine is beneficial to the heart and to improve sexual potency . Due vasodilator help with varicose veins problems by stimulating blood circulation . It also stimulates the production of collagen, which promotes skin elasticity.

General effects of Arginine :

* Stimulates growth hormone

* Increase protein synthesis

* Enhances the immune system

* Improves vascularity and muscle pump

* Boosts libido and improves sexual potency

* Is an antiaging agent

Natural sources rich in arginine are meat ( turkey , beef ) , gelatin , fresh egg whites , milk, brown rice, spinach, nuts, seeds , chocolate , raisins , soy .


Both men and women is recommended to use 1.5 g 3g per day. To increase the efficacy of this supplement , consumption will be on an empty stomach or after a meal rich in carbohydrates and less protein . Growth hormone is secreted during the night and therefore it is recommended to supplement with L - Arginine 3g before bed . It is recommended exceeding a total of 5 g per day and the administration together with lysine as to block its absorption to each other.

Arginine supplement benefits - force factor pre workout



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