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The best abdominal exercises that burn fat


Today I will present you some of the best exercises for abdominal muscles , that will burn a considerable amount of fat .

Before I start , I want to draw attention to your proper nutrition . Please keep in mind that your 6 pack it’s built in the gym , but it’s sculpted in the kitchen .

So, let’s begin :

  1. Oblique crunches– great exercise , performed with rotation and spinal flexion, that will target the oblique and the upper abs . To perform right this exercise , stay lied on your back and cross your left foot over the right knee. Put your hands behind your head and slightly lift your shoulders , while curl your upper body towards your opposite knee. Don’t forget to keep your lower back on the floor . Make a full contraction of upper abs when you are on the top of the movement , and slowly return to the initial position . After 12-16 reps you can switch to the other side .

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  3. Abs crunch machine – for “burning” the abdominal fat , this is one of my preferred exercises . Let’s see how it’s work :
    Sit down on the abs machine , with your feet under the pads , and grab the handles at a 90 degree angle . Don’t forget at the beginning to chose a resistance with which you are comfortable.
    Slowly lift your legs and crunch your upper body. Regarding the correct breathing : at the starting position make the inhalation, and as you perform the movement ,make the exhale . Don’t forget to make slow and controlled motions and focus on the abs contraction, while keeping your legs and feet relaxed. When you achieve the top of the movement, stay right there for 2 seconds, and slowly return to initial position. For this particular exercise I recommend light weight, because the risk of injury , so use the weight with which you are comfortable .

  5. Leg Pull-in Crunch on flat bench - this variation of leg pull-in exercise it’s an amazing choice for your lower abs . Stay lying down on bench with your legs hanging off one end. Turn your palms facing the bench , put your hands under your butt , and try to hold your legs straight out. With very slow and controlled motion , bend your knee and pull your upper thighs towards your chest . Make a 2 second pause when you are at the top of the movement and slowly return t your initial position. If you want to add some extra resistance , you can hold a dumbbell between your knees .

Extra tip :

If you want to make absolutely great abs, you must include the cardio in your workout . For beginning start the cardio exercises slowly and gradually increase the intensity . You can make 2-4 sessions of cardio per week , but don’t forget to never make more then 45 minutes per session .

If you’re make this exercises correct , you can burn between 200-400 calories per day !