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Post Workout Supplements - Making the Right Choices to Help You Meet Your Goals.


If you have been a regular at the gym, you probably have your favorite protein shake by now; something that gives you the ‘gist’ during your workout. While you’re likely set for your workout, what about the recovery stage? What helps you to build muscle most effectively, avoid injury and generally enjoy the most benefit from the work you’ve just put in? For some, it might be tough finding the right post workout supplement, especially with so many types available. Some general knowledge about what various nutrients have to offer can help.


Any good exercise routine can be improved with carbohydrates. If your workouts go for about an hour or more, carbohydrate supplements are an excellent choice after time at the gym. That’s because they refuel the muscles after wear and tear rejuvenating the energy you need for the rest of the day.

Vitamin C

It’s the perfect post workout supplement after an intense workout. The ingredients are great for rejuvenating the body especially when there is stress involved. 1000 mg of vitamin C post workout lowers cortisol levels and speeds recovery. This can help your muscles to build faster so you can reach your fitness goals.

Vitamin B12 and B6

A recent study reveals that the body’s B12 and B6 are mostly depleted when the body is under stress. Well, there is no better supplement to replenish your muscles than a vitamin supplement. The components of the supplement allow your body to create more red blood cells.

B12 and B6 supplements also allow your body to make more energy from food. Other beneficial advantages of this post workout supplement include regulation your mood, reducing any inflammation and improving your sleep patterns. In simple words, the supplement rejuvenates your body, allowing you to feel much better after any workout.

Tart Cherry Powder or Juice

Tart cherry has become one of the favorite post workout supplements for many. It mimics the effects to NSAIDs. Just like an ibuprofen, tart cherry supplements help reduce the pain after any muscle damage. Even better, it can reduce any inflammation after an intense workout. The phytochemicals present in the tart cherry is healthy and protective, helping you recover from even the toughest workouts.

post workout supplements -BCAA categories

BCAA Blend Supplements

BCAA (which stands for branched chain amino acids) is a mixture of the most important amino acids required for a good recovery after a workout. These include leucine, valine and isoleucine. They are important to the body since they assist with food digestion, promote growth and help repair worn body tissue. Leucine is especially essential in repairing damaged tissue. Therefore, choose a post workout supplement with these ingredients for the best results.

In conclusion, choosing a post workout supplement can be tough for gym newbies. However, if you have the right advice on how to do it, you should be well on your way. Certainly, nobody likes going to the gym and spending the rest of the day in pain. Try out any of these post workout supplements to improve your recovery time, allowing you to enjoy your workouts more and reach your goals with greater speed.

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