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Protein supplements fact or fiction


First, be aware that supplements are not intended to replace normal diet, but to supplement it (that's why they are called "supplements").

For athletes in particular are very important and modern sports nutrition supplements devote a significant role existence. But you should not be athlete to resort to using supplements.

Nutritional supplements can ensure that the necessary nutrients that can not manage to make it through a normal diet. Sports activity requires special nutritional needs from those of a man with normal physical activity and may not have as (time, money, availability) to eat as much as it should and exact foods that are needed to cope with sports training. In this case, nutritional supplements will saves.

But maybe you want to get better results (to develop more muscle or lose weight), even if you do not participate in contests. Dietary supplements can be helpful in this situation, because it provides a concentrated amount of important nutrients (proteins, minerals, etc.) do not contain fat and water (elements that induce a feeling of fullness faster).

Myths about supplements :

  • are drugs or illegal substances (drugs, anabolic steroids)
  • after not take, muscles "deflate" and / or get fat
  • are substances wonder that save you any effort into training objectives
  • you can not get results without these products

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