Bodybuilding tips and tricks for efficient training

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Bodybuilding Tips and Tricks that maximize your workout


This tactics are really necessary? It's a question that any bodybuilder will definitely answer with “yes”................................  

Some people may believe that only by going to the gym ,and dragging beasts, will have remarkable results. But that, is not entirely that simple. Like any activity, bodybuilding has many elements known only by practice and determination . 

If you are a beginner, besides  many rules, you have to know some great bodybuilding tips.     

In my opinion, this little guide are especially useful for  efficient and  harmonious development . Let’s  maximize the effects of our efforts,using these tactics!

The results is not visible from a workout to another, so you should not expect a fabulous increasing the day after training. Increasing muscle mass is a complex process that requires a program that stretches over several months.

First of all , i must  say that bodybuilding mainly consists of three elements: training, nutrition, and the resting period. All three elements must work together for optimal results.  

This   site, try to review all three elements, especially for beginners. Below, I will present the most useful advices and tricks.

The first thing you need to do when you start training is to learn the correct form of execution of the exercise. This will protect from injury, helping also to pump all muscle groups involved. If your workout is to increase muscle mass you must choose exercise with free weights (dumbbells and weight lifting). They stimulate the muscle fibers more efficiently and at the same time will increase strength, allowing you to work with heavier weights.

Avoid the overtraining! The main symptoms of overtraining are:

- decrease in muscle size

- decrease of force

- trouble sleeping at night, insomnia

- post workout recovery period is much higher than usual

- a sensation of fatigue persist

- loss or decreased appetite and it can be an important symptom

- the appearance of joint and muscle pain

- low concentration in training

- lower immunity

Symptoms, most of them, occur over time not all at the same time. Which makes it very difficult to determine if an individual is overtraining or not.


1. Training tips

a) Pay attention to warming!

The Golden Rule of bodybuilders is : “make your training without injuries”. And here comes a important “chapter” : the warming .Make a general warming in the early training and work the first set of each exercise with small weights. Do not start any training without heating.Remember that the most precious thing that we have is our health. Our advice is that u can use also Best Adjustable Dumbbells if you want to practice exercise easily at home.

b) Depending on your  somatic type, create your training so you can  achieve what  you’ve proposed

c) Mentality, is another element completely overlooked by most. 

In my opinion , bodybuilding is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle. I think the mentality has a special place in this bodybuilding tips .The Romans had a saying : “healthy mind ,in healthy body”, which is very true. My advice is to think positive! Think like a champion ,and  never give up!

d) Change your style of training, about every eight weeks, to prevent routine.Training should be fun! Usually change the secondary exercises, and the base remain the same.

e) The number of repetitions and the weights ,wich we use ,is very important also .

One of well-known tactic is that if you want to increase muscle mass, use higher weights and run between 6-8 reps. For lean use lower weight and make between 12-15 reps.

f) Give more importance to correct execution.

Correct execution is not only to reduce the chances of injury. It's for boosting the efficiency of muscles that you want to develop
In vain do the exercise with 20 extra pounds, you will not impress anyone who knows the proper movement mechanics. Obviously you can use more weight if you swing and this involve more muscles .
There are indeed times when it's okay to deviate from normal technique and more 'cheating', or times when you do a certain subset of the movement. But they are the exception to the rule, and are made consciously.

g) Progressing steadily.

Gradually increase exercise intensity. Uses weights a little higher than last time, take shorter breaks, increase the time under tension or use anything from the multitude of ways - but progressing. Keep a diary to know what you used last workout intensity and try to overcome even a little.

h) Train maximum 45-60 minutes

Take sufficiently small breaks between sets (do not sit and tell stories at gym) ,and do not do too many sets and exercises for the same muscle group.
After half an hour of intense workout, testosterone levels reach the maxim level. After 45 minutes this level start to decrease, and after 60 minutes it's back to normal. In addition, the results are maximum when the energy and concentration is higher. And this is the first half hour.

Also you can try Steve names his training program as F4X Protocol or The Focus4 Exercise Protocol. It is a 90 minutes per week protocol to work especially for the older person.Get maximum results with darkops (check the link to see more) .Check out also .Helping you find the best adjustable dumbbells for the lowest price. By practical experience and the comparison of the user, you can easily choose most suitable

training tips


2. Diet tips

a) Eat more often (5-6 times a day), with this , we force  the body to enter into an anabolic state. Make sure you don’t miss any meal.

b) Drink much water. Dinking water is healthy, because it help you to eliminate some toxins of your body. My advice : every day ,drink at least 2L of water.

c) This bodybuilding  tricks is not some magic recipes! This advices is very logical. So, depending on you purpose, i recommend you,  to calculate your daily caloric requirements :

-For Weight loss: eat 12 calories / pound

-For maintenance: eat 15 calories / pound

-To increase in weight:  eat 19 calories / pound

d) Use  bodybuilding supplements! No matter how much varied is our diet , we can’t cover a totality of nutrients ,that our body needs.A lot of people recommend certain bodybuilding supplements when working out. If you are looking for legit roids, you can buy steroids here online easily.These supplements are mostly used to increase muscle with less effort. Some of these products are very effective, such as Muscle ZX90 and XT Genix in Germany. Note that muscle zx90 is one of the most sought after products on the market. Not only will it help increase muscle mass, but also make you workout a lot more than usual. But this is for the hardcore weight lifters!Therefore according to your  proposed goal , would be good ,to use some dietary  supplements  with  variety of foods. For example if you Want a natural fat burner check out garcinia cambogia

Often it's hard to get your protein needs only solid meals. In this case, protein isolates that easily drink a liquid shakes are a great help.
In addition, nowadays, fewer nutrients are obtained from vegetables and greens. Therefore, the second supplement recommended is a complex of antioxidants, phytonutrients , vitamins, minerals etc For example you can Select the best products for bodybuilders at . No doubt there are many more supplements for muscle mass at market. On, Click Low Fat Dessert Recipes to Get Complete Dessert Recipe Guide To Healthy Diet. But as long as you don't have a correct eating plan, they don't have any value.

e) “The king” of this bodybuilding  tips is certainly, the “anabolic window”. It’s that period, after training ,when your body are urgent need of nutrients for recovery.  During this period of 30 minutes, your body assimilates the nutrients, with   most   efficiency. Use in this time ,  some  dietary supplements , for maximization of  the results. Immediately after training and in the next half hour you should consume protein with rapid absorption and high glycemic index carbohydrates to take advantage of the anabolic window.For the best deals on protein, check out the Discount Coupons For MyProtein at ProteinPress

f)Share your proteins equally

Unlike carbohydrates, protein is not stored somewhere in the body. Make yourself a steady stream of amino acids, sharing daily requirement of protein evenly throughout the day. Benefit from fantastic savings on HCG Diet Drops , just by taking a look at mysmfa

bodybuilding supplements


3. Resting and recovery tips

You may wonder ,why we included the “resting period” in our bodybuilding tips. It’s very simple. We have in consideration two reasons:

  1. You must need to know , that our body is developing in this period, when the muscle tissues  is recovering. 
  2. The growth hormone (HGH) is one of the most important element to gain muscle. The  HGH is produced during sleep, and  has many benefits concerning  our body.

Allows muscles to recover before you train it again. Either directly or indirectly. Add every few weeks and one week of reduced intensity (week of discharge) or loops intensity over several weeks.
Sleep enough. During sleep you recover and grow. Deep sleep raises levels of testosterone and growth hormone and improves insulin sensitivity.

Resting tips picture

Definitely , the list of advices  is much mor  biger , that what i presented above. I mentioned this tips because, are very useful, and  many of them  are completely ignored.

Also you can Learn the Methods to Feel Better Daily Easy to Use and Get Results , and

There are many things important to help you lose weight or keep a fitness regimen. No matter what to have the body you desire you need to participate in healthy life choices.To lose weight or keep a fitness program knowing about goal setting tactics is just as important as taking action. People find their inner happiness actually comes from having and persuing goals, much more than they get happiness from actually achieving them. Remember that on your frustrating days.

Body building can lead to loss in height, however, this can now be prevented. Bodybuilders always as why am I so short? well the answer is easy. It's because you have done nothing to increase your height besides muscle building exercises. Why People are Short Explained can teach you how to gain back the inches you need and stretch yourself out with maintained results.

In conclusion: intense training, proper nutrition and rest are the three key factors for increasing muscle mass ................

Don’t forget : our body deserve the best results, therefore , apply  as many as possible of this useful bodybuilding tricks.

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